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Smells like Monday!

As I said before, Mondays are really tough for me… I’m not exactly sure why that is, but I just can’t get things done! Wish things were easier on Mondays… (At least I got to mail all of my X-mas card out today, HUGE weight off my shoulders!)

Anyways, I have been really good today and have not even looked at any of my favorite shopping websites 🙂 Cyber Monday is here and I don’t really care… Ha ha ha! My new philosophy is to try things on before buying them, and going shopping is good exercise, so for the next few months I’ll stick to the Mall, Nordstrom Rack and Loehmann’s (you can’t get better deals anywhere else!) And if I lived in NY, I would also visit Century 21. I’m all about bargain shopping, it’s just more fun 🙂

Enough with the shopping, and on to business!

I am almost done with my Business Carer Plan! YAY! That thing has taken a long while to finish and will be very valuable to look back on once Baseball Beauties is up and running. This Plan will allow me to see what’s working and what isn’t, and how I can improve our web-site’s performance. Once Baseball Beauties is up, I will be using Google Analytics to track all the trends like, where people are coming from, what links they’re clicking on, what pages they like the most and a bunch of other useful STATS!

Check out this really useful article about Google Analytics:

What would we do without Google? No one will even know…..


For my Final Project in my Search Engine Optimization class, I have to use Google Adwords and make 3 dummy ads for 3 different Baseball Beauties pages. There is a letter restriction, so it’s going to be tough to create a catchy ad using a handful of words, but this will be great practice, because who knows I may want to use these dummy ads in the near future. This SEO class has been very helpful and I have gotten A LOT out of it, I think that I will take it again next year (it’s only offered every other semester). Without properly optimizing your website you will not show up in any of the Major Search Engines, it’s a HOT trend right now and I think that more and more Colleges will be teaching SEO in the near future. If you have a website TAKE THE CLASS!

Along with all the web stuff that I have been doing, I am slowly but surely going through the Sales Dogs Sales training kit. The way this program works is, it first breaks you down into a specific dog bread. You take a test on their website to find out what kind of Sales Dog you are:

Once you know your breed (or you can be more than one) you can read about your strengths and weaknesses as a Sales Person.  I’m about 75% of the way through the program and have learned so MUCH already! First of all I learned that I’m a Poodle 🙂 LOL

poodle_toonHere are some Poodle Characteristics according to Sales Dogs:

On the more sophisticated side, there is the Poodle. They are highly intelligent albeit a bit highly-strung and very conscious of their presentation. These are the salespeople who tend to have the flash and the class. They wear the sharp suits, buffed out shoes or stiletto pumps, and like to drive cool cars. But they don’t consider clothes, cars and jewelry to be luxury items. They are simply tools of the Poodle trade.

The Poodle struts! While other dogs tramp, romp and roll through their territories, the Poodle prances head high, as it peruses the neighborhood. They know the latest trends and where all the sales opportunities are. If appearance and first impression are important, the Poodle is the prize pooch. They are incredibly well connected and probably have the most extensive and exclusive network of any of the breeds. They know who’s who and they want you to know it!

Because of the Poodles’ trainability and natural desire to be the center of attention they have been a favorite performer for centuries. And the Poodle SalesDog® is no different. Most dogs bark and whine, but the Poodle’s comments can be guaranteed to spark of wit, wisdom and even dry humor. They love to speak in front of groups and be the center of attention, indeed a Poodle’s sales pitch is delivered with such style and panache that even the ones without a shred of logic sound visionary!

This breed of SalesDog® is constantly looking for ways to reach the most people in the simplest way. They are the Ultimate Marketing Dog! Their abilities to market and to articulate a message can make Poodles large sums of money.

Poodles are great for selling big-ticket items when they can use their regal bearing to impress clients. Just don’t ask them to rescue a fallen duck in the swamp, jump into a cold stream or be caught dead in a dark alley in an unsavory part of town! They will be socializing in more civilized circles, besides their Tag Heuer watches might get dirty.

Poodles beware! Your strengths can also be your weakness. If, as a Poodle you can learn to thoroughly understand your breed, play to your obvious and impressive talents and curb your weaknesses you can make a fortune.

I thought that this description fit me perfectly and now I know what my strengths and weaknesses are! How AWESOME is that! Well… The tough part is working on my weaknesses, a major one for me is taking things personally….:(

Ill start talking about Sales Dogs more from now on, because it is a BIG part of my Marketing Plan for Baseball Beauties. I am also working on putting together a sample presentation for our “Services” product, and that’s a whole new story on it’s own!

So MUCH to DO and SO little time!