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Beatles LOVE & Good Bye Vegas!

While waiting to my flight back to SF, I thought I’d throw in a post! Last night my bf and I went to see the Beatles “LOVE” the show playing at the Mirage Hotel. beatles_loveIt was such a great show! I had to mention it here… Being a BIG Beatles fan I thought that they did a great job linking the “LOVE” album together. The show lasted about 1 hr 40min, we were in the second row, but I would recommend sitting up high for this show. There is so much movement going on, and it’s better to see it sitting above the stage. The costumes were fantastic and the acrobatics phenomenal! The show was interactive with the audience and frankly was the strangest show that I have even been to, but also one of the most entertaining shows as well. If you are a Beatles fan and are planning on visiting Vegas GO see this show! I want to see it again 🙂

Overall Im looking forward to coming home, I miss my little doggies! And am very excited to be picking them up from the dog sitters right when I get in. Vegas is defiantly not the same, this is when you know that the country is suffering when Vegas is DEAD! As I said its at about 50% its usual capacity, they’re letting people in to clubs for FREE and there are no lines at MIDNIGHT, that’s not a good sign….

I will be reviewing the wire-frames for and writing about them in my next post. And Im SO GRATEFUL that my bf’s poison ivy is getting better (that’s a whole new story of its own!) stay tuned!


Las Vegas & One Fifth Ave

I know that its a strange title but I just finished reading “One Fifth Ave” by Candace Bushnell and I had to mention it!

One Fifith Ave

One Fifith Ave

This was Candace’s 1st book that I happen to read. I know that she is the one who started the “Sex & The City” movement and is also responsible for the new TV hit series “Lipstick Jungle” (which I LOVE), but this book was quiet different. It has so many diferent characters (Annalisa and Lola are some of my favorite) and stories all going on at once, but at the end they all come together into a wonderful ending! I also thought that it was very explicit and graphic (which is not a bad thing 😉 Im pretty sure that they will make this into a movie in the next few years, and I highly recomend reading it if you have a chance, it’s really entertaining!

Before I move on to Vegas I want to mention that I just received some sample wireframes for the Baseball Beauties website, and I was OVERWHELMED when I opened them (only 4 pages so far). It is really hard to figure out what is going to work well and what isn’t….. You usually have to play around and use a website for sometime to see if all the navigation buttons are where they should be and are easy to use. SO, with that said I will have to see what other people think about the wireframes, one person can’t possibly figure it out. From my first impression I thought that they looked pretty decent, a mix between Facebook and MySpace, but much more simple… This is the only update that I have so far for the website. Amy has been making progress and finding some whole sellers that we can use to buy our merchandise from, and will be attending their expo in March in none other than VEGAS! It will be my 9th time here… Wo Hoooo!!!

Las Vegas! The city of lights… Well, I haven’t really seen many lights. With our economy being the way it is right now, the town is pretty dead, its at half of it’s usual capacity and the numbers are going down 😦 Not the fun Vegas I remember from 2 years ago. But things will turn around sooner or later. The great thing about it is, the prices are falling and you can score some killer deals on hotel rooms and other accommodations. As far as my stay goes, it could be better, my poor bf is covered head to toe with POISON IVY! It is so bad that we are sleeping in different beds like an old married couple who don’t even sleep in the same bed anymore, I never thought that it would come to this so fast in our relationship… LOL But I don’t want to get Poison Ivy so I rather deal with it this way, then be miserable as well… This time around, this trip has been anything but sexy, sigh…… It could always be worse! On the bright side, tomorrow night we’re going to see “Love” the Beatles show at the Mirage 🙂